Wednesday 30 November, 2011


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Got a text message from Niklas the other day.

It said: IT´S ALIVE

Felt amazing and unreal. We´re booth pretty happy and satisfied with the result. There´s just some small adjustments that needs to be done. But overall the site is now the way we want it to be and how it´s going to be in the future. Mainly it´s in my hands to do the last tweaks that needs to be done. Especially the published gallery have to be filled up. But as always with stuff that needs to be done, but don´t have to be done. Other things tends to be more fun to do. So right now I´m editing and uploading climbing photos from Font instead. So go check out the climbing gallery where I the last couple of days been uploading some new stuff from our latest trip.

In the next couple of days I do have the intention to take a full day out and shoot some photos with my published stuff. Just have to come up with some fun ideas of compositions for the magazines first.