Norrländsk Kebab in Utby

A bouldering movie about Utby in Sweden.
What started with a test of the camera 3 weeks ago ended up with a 40 minute movie about the bouldering in the forest of Utby. This is the closest place to go boulder if you live in Gothenburg, Sweden. With the bus or bicycle it’s about ten minutes from the central parts of town.
The video is shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and we are not any kind of professionals or have any intention of claiming to be. This is just for our own fun and to show people the nature, atmosphere & surrondings at the place where we spend our time bouldering.

Shoot and edited by: Martin Arvidson
Climbers: Ida Persson, Jesper Östlund, Michael Olausson & Nicke Nyfiken
Runtime: 42:11