And up we go

Sunday 11 December, 2011



Realized that I don’t really prefer, or even think about making my photos B&W. I guess that some photographers see an B&W photo the moment they see their composition out in the field. For me it’s the opposite. I seem to never think in those terms at all. This time was the first in a long time. Liked the photo but the colors seemed a little bit off. Just before I was about to save it for the web I just tried to put on a B&W filter in CS5. The photo changed right away and got a totally different feeling. Since I haven’t worked that much with B&W i also don’t know how to process the image in the right way to make it more powerful in this mode. So I guess that my two next missions when it comes to my photography is to read more and get I deeper understanding about flash photography and B&W conversion.